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With the sound of a strong Dabeyl
Came the beautiful xays
Dribbling over the dried Caleyn
Gives life to the old Qarero

Joy and laughter from the Caruur
Fills the compound with Farxad
With their usual game of Dhuumashow
As they sing for the blessed Roob

Old hoyo Deynabo sits under the shade
Giving the Dhalinyaro command
To cover over the old Aqal Hori
As she sips her hot Qaxwo

The beating of the Durban
Brings the Gashantis together
The beautiful Qalanjos of the Hood
Singing Diryan! O Diryan!

Abo sits far in the corner
With his Big Darmuus
Filled with sweet shaah caano geel
Listening to BBC soomaali

Poem By Mohammed Hassan AKA ProCrab


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