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Awjama Omar Cultural Research and Reading Center

Awjama Omar Cultural Research and Reading Center was founded in 2013 as a center for preservation and celebration of the Somali culture. The center serves as a hub for preservation and celebration of the Somali culture, through social cultural and economic empowerment. The program targets woman and youth in the community by providing them with the platform aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurship skills for purpose of sustainable development.

Since 2013 Awjama Center has assisted the community in Eastleigh by providing space where people can gather and learn about the culture through: public forums, songs, storytelling, literature and other cultural activities. The Center contributes to the community by creating a space for them to engage in productive activities such as sharing information on issues facing the community, developing cultural and language skills, inspiring the youth through mentorship and training, creating traditional and contemporary arts and crafts, launching books that pertain to the history of the Somali people and conducting Cultural events like Somali Heritage Week.


The Vision of the organization is to be a leading culture, research and reading institution for developing the community.


Provide the community with a conductive environment to develop cultural initiatives through access to relevant reading materials and research programs for inspiring, initiating projects and developing talents within the community.

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